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Australia and New Zealand

The Senior Management Team leads Olympus Australia and New Zealand and manages its business on a day-to-day basis. It is obliged to observe the interests of the company and increase corporate value in a sustainable manner.

James began his career at Olympus in 1996 selling Olympus medical equipment into Australia’s major healthcare facilities. Since this time, James progressed within the organisation and was appointed as the Managing Director in July 2015.

His passion is transforming Olympus into a leading customer centric organisation.

“It's been an honour to serve at Olympus for over twenty years now. We have grown over the years, but our focus has never wavered. Our number-one priority is to listen to and build lifelong partnerships with customers. This has fuelled our drive to transform Olympus into a leading customer centric organisation. To accelerate this change, we will continue to invest in our people and infrastructure to support our customers and deliver an unrivalled customer experience as we seek to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.”

Paul commenced his career at Olympus Australia and New Zealand in 2011 as Financial Controller with his role upgraded to Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary in 2012. Beyond the financial governance of the two entities, Paul’s responsibilities include membership on the Remuneration Committee and chairmanship of the Audit & Risk Committee.

Prior to Olympus, Paul had a 13 year tenure at Eastman Kodak across senior finance positions including Chief Financial Officer of Australia/New Zealand and prior to that in Finance Director roles for its Medical Imaging business across the Asia Pacific Region as well as the Entertainment Imaging division for the European, Middle East and Africa Region where he was based in Switzerland for 5 years.

“The greatest attributes of Olympus are its innovative products and dedicated people. The organisation has the incredible opportunity to improve the quality of life for countless people through its medical and scientific solutions as well as capture life’s moments with its digital cameras. But to realise this opportunity in Australia and New Zealand requires the talent, passion and expertise of our team. The pride I feel working for Olympus is not contained in financial statements, reports or spreadsheets, it’s physically seeing our unique products and brilliant people in action with customers, knowing that we are truly making a difference in society.”

Alana Bakhtadze commenced her career at Olympus Australia and New Zealand in 2008 in a Product Management role within the Endoscopy division, progressing to the role of Marketing Manager of the Endoscopy division in 2012, and Group Marketing Manager of the entire Olympus Australia and New Zealand medical business in 2016. Along the way she has obtained awards for Marketing Excellence and received the prestigious Leader of the Year award.

In June 2019, Alana became the General Manager of the Medical Division and joined the Olympus Australia and New Zealand Senior Leadership Team.

Alana has completed a Bachelor of Business and Commerce at Monash University, and has obtained an Executive qualification from Harvard Business School in the area of Driving Digital Strategy.

“Within the Olympus Medical Division we're fortunate to have remarkable technologies and a passionate medical team across sales, marketing, R&D and professional education, that works closely with extraordinary healthcare professionals every day to help revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of patients using minimally invasive techniques. We challenge ourselves to deliver cutting edge technologies that assist clinicians to improve patient outcomes. Having been with Olympus Australia and New Zealand for more than a decade, and witnessing firsthand just how much of a difference our products can make to patients’ lives, it truly is an honour to be asked to lead this team as we seek to grow our presence and impact in the MedTech space.”

As an experienced HR executive and people leader with significant experience managing teams of HR professionals, Teresa commenced her career at Olympus Australia and New Zealand in 2006. Teresa's passion lies in developing, driving and delivering innovative HR strategy and initiatives.

As a Senior Leadership Team member, Teresa’s strong track record as an influential and responsive leader is backed up by her excellent technical skills, knowledge and commercial acumen.

Passionate about people development in tandem with performance accountability, Teresa draws on her commercial knowledge and pragmatism, to translate strategic concepts into clear and practical operational activities to support the business in achieving its objectives.

Teresa is a believer in getting to know and understand the people in the business to enable them to achieve their best. Her strength comes in her ability to tailor business solutions that meet the needs of employees as well as the organisation.

“We have amazingly talented people at Olympus and my passion is supporting our employees to realise their potential. There can’t be a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to development, it means really getting to know our staff, understanding what makes them tick and driving them to focus on the areas they excel in. I believe in providing our people with the best possible employee experience and am proud that Olympus truly cares about and supports our employees both professionally and personally.”

Chris Szeleczky joined Olympus Australia and New Zealand in 2016 as Group Business Manager for Service. Since then, he has implemented many successful initiatives to grow the Service function, including the localisation of medical service and the incorporation of all service repairs and field support under one structure.

Prior to Olympus, Chris held a number of senior positions working for ConMed as Commercial Director, MTAA as Director of Corporate Affairs, Stryker as National Technical Service Manager, and KLM Group as General Manager. Combined he has more than 15 years' experience leading and managing businesses across health and technology industries.

In October 2018, Chris joined the Olympus Australia and New Zealand Senior Leadership Team.

“I'm immensely proud of our service repair technicians and greater team which incorporates our field service engineers, who collectively are amongst the most capable and highest rated for quality throughout Olympus globally. We've been scaling up our service capacity over the last couple of years, determined to provide a superior customer experience with quicker turnaround times as we work towards our aim of never being the cause of our customers’ downtime.”

Oliver Clarke joined Olympus Australia and New Zealand in February 2008 as a System Integration (SI) Consultant and quickly progressed his career within the Medical business holding the positions of Sales & Marketing Support Manager and Business Unit Manager SI, whilst playing a significant role in establishing the portfolio and its associated products within the Australian and New Zealand landscape.

Demonstrating outstanding communication and relationship building skills, Oliver was appointed Communications Manager in 2013, the first ever appointment of a dedicated Communications Professional within Olympus Australia and New Zealand.

Showcasing his versatility, Oliver has been an integral member of strategic projects throughout his time at Olympus, including his recent contribution to our internal Business Transformation programme where he was seconded for 12 months and contributed significantly to his stream.

Oliver holds an Executive Masters, Business Administration and Management, a Graduate Diploma in Information Systems, and a Bachelor of Applied Science specialising in Medical Radiations.

In October 2019, Oliver was appointed General Manager – Communications & IT and simultaneously joined the Senior Leadership Team.

In August 2020, Oliver was appointed as the first ever Regional Head of Communications, Olympus Corporation of Asia Pacific.

“With the technological landscape continuously evolving it’s essential that we can transform the way we communicate and deliver services to meet our customer’s expectations. I’m excited to be part of a team dedicated to improving the Olympus experience; for our customers, staff and jobseekers alike.”

Since joining Olympus in 2011, Nathan has been instrumental in strengthening and enhancing the Supply Chain function, implementing various process improvements to further advance its value-offering to our customers.

In 2017, Nathan’s role expanded to take on the responsibility of managing the Olympus New Zealand Operations Department, resulting in a more consistent approach for our customers across both countries. In 2018, Nathan was promoted to the role of Group Manager, Transformation and Supply Chain, taking on the 2IC responsibility to lead and drive our transformation program. Most recently, with the outbreak of COVID-19, Nathan’s innovative and agile approach empowered the OAZ business to overcome significant freight challenges.

In August 2020, Nathan was promoted to the position of General Manager – Transformation and Technology, combining our Transformation and IT teams for the first time. Simultaneously, he also joined the Senior Leadership Team.

Our business transformation and strategic focus on customer experience journeys has changed our collective mindset and the nature of how we collaborate together to grow our business. Playing a leadership role within this transformation journey has been an exciting privilege. There is great opportunity to continue evolving our ways of working and improving our collective capability. I see cross-functional collaboration and mutual focus on our highest level ‘why’ purpose as the key levers to reaching new heights of achievement. The collective Business Transformation and Technology group has an exciting role to play towards this aspiration; which l am greatly excited to be part of.