Procedural Documentation on Your Terms

A Single Documentation System for the Whole Endoscopy

ENDOBASE is a complete endoscopy documentation solution including features for scheduling, KPI tracking, scope recognition and advanced structured terminology to simplify report writing. ENDOBASE reliably gathers and links all significant data for the endoscopy department and gives access to relevant information in associated systems.

Open System, Fully Integrable and Reliable

For the hospital IT: With ENDOBASE as the centre of the endosocpy department's software landscape, IT Infrastructure becomes more manageable.

One Open System, Full Maintenance Service, Reliable Uptime

Connected to Safety and Convenience

ENDOBASE can be integrated with existing systems such as the hospital information system (HIS) or the image archive (PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive). ENDOBASE can connect with these systems and read data from them.

Easily Manageable

ENDOBASE runs on a real or virtual server. This simplifies maintenance and backups. Examination results can be fed into the patient file via HL7 communication.

Report templates can be adjusted to fulfill the requirements of the existing system architecture.

Needs-Based Subscriptions

Modular ENDOBASE subscriptions mean the access and support of ENDOBASE can be tailored to the hospital’s exact requirements.

From Comprehensive Overview to Detailed Insights

For the endoscopy unit: ENDOBASE supports the entire examination work process and simplifies comprehensive documentation. ENDOBASE retrieves all data needed to carry out the examination from the hospital information system (HIS), and presents information as patient history, medication, and other data relevant to the examination in a compact overview.

Collects and Connects All Desired Data, At Any Time

Patient Scheduling

ENDOBASE gives a convenient overview of the scheduled patients for planning the day in the department. Moreover, the patient history can be accessed quickly and easily.

At a Single Press of a Button

Simply press a button on the endoscope to take as many photos and videos as wanted. Parallel documentation enables the physician to make notes during the procedure, for example of the medication. ENDOBASE can be used from any room equipped with a computer that is connected to ENDOBASE, be it an examination room or an office. The user interface and access rights can be adapted to the respective location and type of use.

Quality Assurance through Comparability

The system enables easy and convenient queries and statistics on examination data for quality assurance. Based on the diagnosis, a standardised, HL7-compliant report can be produced using structured terminology; this can then be transmitted to the HIS, where it is added to the patient file. The standardisation of reports means that they can be completed quickly and that results can easily be compared.

Scope Recognition

The Olympus endoscope information is automatically captured and stored in ENDOBASE making it possible to track scope usage for auditing requirements.

Simplified Reporting

The report writing of the examination can take place directly in the examination room or later at the desk. Thanks to individually customisable templates, tailored precisely to the requirements and processes of the department, documentation of the procedure and findings using ENDOBASE is simple, quick, and consistent.

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