Service Contracts That Put the Customer in Focus

Clinicians need to be able to rely on their equipment to provide high-quality patient care. By choosing services from Olympus, customers can be assured that they are getting the most value from their equipment. Through INFOCUS Service Contracts, Olympus takes complete care of its customers’ range of Olympus devices.
Equipment availability is optimized within different budget frames, giving customers a clear picture of how their services are covered. INFOCUS Service Contracts provide caregivers with confidence that their equipment is in capable, experienced, and safe hands.

A Higher Standard of
Equipment Uptime

Continuously functioning equipment can help hospitals to enhance efficiency, patient care, and patient outcomes. With INFOCUS Service Contracts, Olympus takes responsibility for maintaining optimal uptime within each customer’s clinical environment. As a result, the customer can be sure that their equipment is being managed in the best way possible, leading to reliable procedure planning and revenue flow.

  • Increased Efficiency of Workflows
  • Proactive Uptime Management
  • Maintaining OEM Standards for Complete Assurance
  • A Higher Level of Value That Creates Trust
  • Quality Service That Gives Complete Assurance

The Right Contract
for Every Budget

Getting the maximum value from hospital equipment is more important than ever before. With dwindling budgets and financial pressures, all departments are feeling the squeeze. At the same time, hospitals must perform more procedures with their existing equipment. INFOCUS Service Contracts are designed to balance day-to-day needs with economic requirements, helping customers make the best use of their budgets and their equipment. Customers can then stay safely within budget and plan more effectively.

  • Budget Security
  • Tailored Risk Control
  • Reduced Administrative Effort

Contracts That Suit Diverse Clinical Demands

When service agreements offer multiple options, differing priorities within hospitals can receive the attention they need. Different products require different coverage, and hospitals need a partner who can answer their service challenges with clear solutions. From agreement selection through to confirmation, INFOCUS Service Contracts are in sync with the customer’s individual needs. Through consultation, customers decide how a contract can fit most effectively within their clinical setup, putting their daily work and challenges in focus.

A Long-Term Service Partnership

Olympus is an expert in medical and surgical endoscopy, as well as reprocessing systems, and is highly experienced in working alongside customers. With this knowledge comes a deep understanding of the service activities required to maintain this equipment and optimize its availability. Throughout the entire term of an INFOCUS Service Contract, customers receive constant assistance, giving them the expertise and experience required to cover their servicing needs today and in the future.

More about INFOCUS
Service Contracts

Get in touch with your Olympus Service Sales contact, who will provide you with detailed information and calculate your personalized INFOCUS Service Contract.

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