PLASMA electrodes for urology & hysteroscopy (1)

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Featured product PLASMA SYSTEM — Resection, Vaporization, Enucleation - Individual PLASMA Treatment


The PLASMA system is the smart choice for a safe, cost- and time-effective, proven therapy for patients with BPH and NMIBC. It is highly customizable, with optimized interaction between the constantly extended assortment of procedure-oriented PLASMA electrodes and an intelligent high-frequency generator.


OES Long Resectoscope

The extra-long resectoscope with a working length of 272 mm


The OES Long Resectoscope has been designed to be able to treat patients with long urethras or large bladders with PLASMA.

  • Extralong resectoscope for special patients
  • Improved visualization and low-pressure conditions
  • Modular design with specially adapted outer sheaths

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PLASMA Electrodes

Procedure-optimised electrodes


Olympus provides a full variety of quality and innovative electrodes for PLASMA treatment in Urology, thus enabling surgeons to access to the right electrode required for their procedures and operation techniques. PLASMA (bipolar resection) has been proven to improve clinical outcomes and reduce risk of complications associated with prostate resection with monopolar electrodes.

  • PlasmaLoop for PLASMA Resection of BPH and NMIBC
  • Plasma-OvalButton für PLASMA Vaporisation
  • Plasma-TUEBLoop for PLASMA Enucleation of BPH
  • PlasmaNeedle Electrode for PLASMA incision and en bloc resection

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